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Hand-painted pendants with personalised portrait

The ideal charm for animal lovers, to be dedicated to the unconditional love that only your four-legged friend can give you.


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The dimensions are variable according to your puppy's features, the template is designed and drawn within a circumference of 2.2 cm in diameter, this measurement does not include the card (ring) which is 5mm (inner diameter);


The ALL-GOLD and GOLD AND BRILLIANT versions have the option of engraving the puppy's name on the back;


The portrait is painted by our artists at the tip of the brush on the pendant, replicating the features, characteristics and colours of your puppy.

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After completing your order you will receive an e-mail with all the instructions for sending us photos of your puppy. You will also be given all our contact details to provide you with better assistance if needed.
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There are three versions of the jewel:
1. SWEET FRIEND: we make the pendant outline using a special enamel support, made of pure copper, on which
We paint your puppy's portrait at the tip of the brush using our Grand Fire enamels. They complete the
jewel the ticket and the 18-carat gold mark;
2. ALL GOLD: we make the pendant outline entirely of 18-carat gold, on which we paint in point of
brush your puppy's portrait using our Grand Fire enamels. The jewel is completed by the card and the
18-carat gold mark;
3. GOLD AND BRILL: we make the pendant outline entirely of 18-carat gold, on which we paint in point of
brush your puppy's portrait using our Grand Fire enamels. During painting we leave space for
apply a white gold diamond star, which will be the precious complement around the puppy's neck.
The jewel is completed by an 18-carat gold ticket and marker;

Yes, we can reproduce any animal.

It is a jewel with an artistic portrait, painted entirely by hand. It is not an applied photograph or a laser engraving, but a true work of art created at the tip of the brush, with Grand Fire enamels. It cannot therefore be identical to a photograph. In making it, we pay great attention to the colours of the coat, the proportions of the body, the expression and we also try to interpret the character of the animal.
The dimensions are variable depending on the subject, each template we paint on is designed designed specifically for your puppy and drawn so that it is approx. 2 cm high excluding the card (the card is the ring through which the chain passes). the ring through which the chain passes).
The internal dimensions of the card are 5.5 mm, so chains up to 4.5 mm in diameter can slide through.

Gran Fuoco enamel is very resistant to external agents:
there will be no problem wearing your Gabriella Rivalta jewellery in the shower or when you are at the beach.
The main precaution is not to drop it and not to let it bump into hard objects to prevent the enamel
For cleaning, simply use water with neutral soap for a bath of a few hours, brush
to remove any dirt that may have crept into hard-to-reach corners and rinse with
running water.
Wipe dry with a lint-free cloth.
If necessary, use a cloth or the appropriate liquid for polishing precious metals (found in 'drugstores' or
in supermarkets) only on metal parts and not on enamel.


Angela Guida
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I already had your wonderful work, not being very familiar with online shopping I had my daughter place the order. It is proving very popular with friends and family I take this opportunity to congratulate you, we were really pleased!
Luisa Bonino
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Very satisfied with the product ordered, the delivery and the kindness shown!
Alessandra Conti
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Gabriella Rivalta's jewellery is the jewellery of the heart for me. They are of extraordinary workmanship, there is all the Italian artistic tradition, when I look at them I read in them creativity and perfection lavished on even the smallest pendant. I have several pieces by Rivalta, and every time I wear them there is always someone who, instead of talking to me by looking into my eyes, talks to me by looking at the jewellery!

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This collection has already given great excitement to those who have received our jewellery, here are some of the pendants.

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